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Chapter 22. Aphrodite's Call - Part 1

The noise hit them the moment the door to the garage opened. Katie had shivered with delight when her owner took her by the hand and led her down the stairs. Lauren seemed to bounce with every step, as if gravity itself was having trouble containing her exuberance. Katie could feel her lover’s happiness, the trembling excitement shared through their warm touch. Lauren squeezed her hand as they looked out of the shadowy garage.

The love Katie felt surged within her, infusing her body with an unbearable lightness that left her dizzy. Her heart ached with a physical pain as she looked at her owner, the pretty girl illuminated by the pale glow of fading twilight. Lauren’s eyes shone in the gloom, reflecting the wan light with an eerie brilliance. Katie was stunned by the effect, almost convincing herself that it wasn’t just a pretty girl upon whom she looked but an unearthly spirit of supernatural beauty. She tried to speak but her breath caught in her throat and left her gazing open-mouthed at her owner.

“Are you going to be a good girl for me tonight?”

Katie nodded her agreement, unable to form the words her owner wished to hear. The overwhelming emotions that washed over her left her bewildered and all she could do was stand dumbly as she tried to recover. She clung desperately to Lauren, fearful that if her lover let go she would fall to the floor in a crumpled heap. She knew she was being silly but she didn’t know what to do about the feeling’s that left her so helpless and weak. How could you love someone so much?

Lauren reached out and gently raised Katie’s chin, wondering why her girl was suddenly so shy. She brushed back the dark curtain of hair from her face and kissed her softly on the lips. The tenderness of the intimate caress left Katie trembling, her knees threatening to collapse at any moment. She steadied herself, barely touching her lover’s hips but the warmth from Lauren’s bare flesh was like a comforting balm. Her thumb rubbed absently across the smooth skin, tracing the gentle curve of hard bone just below the soft surface . The sensation sent a shiver of gooseflesh down her left side and she fought the urge to squirm, not wanting the moment to end.

“Yes Miss, I’ll be a good girl,” Katie said breathlessly.
“I don’t want to have to scold you, but I will if I need to,” Lauren promised, running a finger across the docile schoolgirl’s parted lips.

Katie blanched as she imagined Lauren standing over her, finger shaking angrily as she berated her for her naughtiness, a hushed crowd watching as her owner told her off like a little girl. It was an image that she was determined would not come true. She closed her mouth around her lover’s finger, knowing instinctively it was what her owner wished. Lauren was playing with her, casually toying with her body as was her right. Katie felt her submission keenly and disobeying her owner was the very last thing from her mind.

Lauren’s hands closed around Katie’s throat and squeezed gently. She kissed her once more, enjoying the movement of muscle beneath her fingers. It was growing darker by the moment and as she pushed away, her panting slave was but a silhouette, the pretty face hidden in shadow. She sensed Katie’s desperation and smiled, knowing the state the young girl was in. She knew what she would find beneath Katie’s dress and she relished what the night would bring.

“Come, Kitty. The party awaits.”

Lauren dashed out into the twilight with the sleek agility of a young doe. Her white skirt seemed to glow with an internal radiance as she skipped along the grassy path. Katie hurried to catch up but could not match her lover’s pace, not in the heels that had been chosen for her. The afternoon had seen the green by the side of the house transformed. Katie caught her owner just before she reached the large white marquee and looked on in wonder. Small paper lanterns hung not only from the marquee, but also from the trees that bordered the lawn, the flickering light within the globes making her feel she had somehow stepped into the middle of a fairy ball.

Large round tables were spaced out under the marquee, the centrepiece of each an elaborate sculpture of wildflowers and glass that captured the fluttering light. Katie smiled with joy as each table appeared to come alive before her eyes. The effect was magical and she grasped Lauren’s arm, eager to share the moment with her lover.

“What, no slash back blazer?”

Lauren’s arm was wrenched from Katie’s grasp as her lover spun around and, with a girlish squeal of joy, leapt at the speaker. Lauren’s arms locked around his neck and she hung from his six-foot frame. His arms closed around her waist and held her above the ground, her pretty sandaled feet dangling inches from the soft green, grass. Katie looked on, a smile fluttering upon her lips as she watched her owner wriggle happily within the handsome man’s clutches. A surge of emotion swept through her, filling her with a strange warmth.

Katie was a little shocked to recognise the emotion: she was jealous. She wanted to be the one to make her owner squeal like that. She wanted to be the one into whose arms Lauren would throw herself with such girlish abandon. She knew it was wrong to think like that, but she couldn’t help it. She forced her thoughts elsewhere, instead focusing on the handsome man to which her lover clung so tightly.

He was tall and well-built, the dark, fitted shirt he wore hinting at the powerful physique beneath. He was broad-shouldered but lean, an athlete’s body that moved with a languid grace. His hair was cropped short, the dark brown looking almost black in the soft orange light. A shadow of stubble covered the lower half of his face, giving definition to the squared jaw that rested upon her lover’s shoulder.

There was no real sibling familiarity but Katie knew that this was Lauren’s brother. He looked very different from the photos she had seen, and yet they were not that old. Lauren had barely changed but her brother had matured, grown quickly from boy to man and the nervous schoolgirl felt something stir deep in her belly as she watched him return her lover to the ground.

“And who do we have here?” Peter enquired, looking for the first time at the anxious girl who had stood impatiently, waiting for the embrace to end.

Katie’s hands quickly dropped to her side and she smiled sheepishly realising, only once the attention had turned to her, that she had been fidgeting with her dress. She had been pinching the soft material and she blushed, aware now that her agitation had served to pull the dress tight against her bosom. She wanted to adjust the garment, to pull the material away from her breasts, but she dared not move under such inquisitive scrutiny.

Her eyes met those of Lauren’s bother and she felt a terrible leaping of the heart that she had only ever felt in the presence of her owner. Peter’s eyes were blue, dark and inscrutable. At times, in the shifting light, they deepened to an almost imperial violet. They weren’t like Lauren’s, piercing and mesmeric, but they fixed her in place as effectively as her owner’s. She felt like a lost little girl, adrift upon an endless sea.

“Peter, this is Kitty. Say hello, Kitty.”
“Hello,” Katie said, suddenly shy. She lowered her eyes demurely, trying to make sense of the confusion that swirled within her.
“A secret friend, little genie?”
“No,” Lauren said, pushing her brother’s arm petulantly.
“But I have heard nothing of such a beauti-“
“Kitty and I have only known each other for a few weeks,” Lauren interrupted.
“Well, no time like the present. So, Kitty, what do you do?”
“Um, I,” Katie hesitated, biting her lower lip as she tried to think of what to say. “I go to school.”
“Yes… of course you do,” Peter replied. The pause spoke volumes and Katie knew he was just humouring her.

The subtle tone in his voice made Katie’s heart sink into her belly. She was such a spaz and now Lauren’s brother would think she was a stupid little girl. She wanted desperately to impress him. She told herself that it was important to Lauren. She needed for the significant people in her owner’s life to approve of her. If she was to stay with Lauren, to be hers and to share her life, she needed to be accepted and she would not achieve that by acting like a shallow, foolish little girl.

“You’re such a huge fart,” Lauren said, slapping her brother’s chest. “Where have you been all day anyway. Mom said you’d be here around two.”
“I was.”
“I was almost here.”
“Yeah so in other words you arrived ten minutes ago.”

Peter shrugged and grinned at Katie, looking to her for help. Katie smiled back, the irrepressible joy she felt at watching the playful banter almost completely masking the tiny pangs of jealousy that still plagued her. Lauren remained beside her brother, nestled comfortably beneath his shoulder. She was only a few feet distant but Katie felt as if she was a million miles away, marooned on a desert island with only a mirage of her lover for company. 

Her melancholy introspection was interrupted by a soft tinkling, a bright musical sound that reminded her of the anklet she wore. As the sound increased in volume, the buzz of the gathered crowd quietened. Katie looked around and noticed a strange construction at the far end of the marquee. Two pretty young women in diaphanous robes were playing a strange instrument. It looked like a simple array of metal pipes of differing lengths hanging from a crossbeam, but the delicate melody they produced made her feel as if the notes themselves were feathers floating on a gentle breeze.

Katie beamed a wide smile, entranced by the ethereal music and looked to her lover to share her amazement. Lauren was looking straight at her and a gentle shock, like a tiny spike of electricity, shot through her body when their eyes met. Lauren was smiling too and the young girl knew that it was because of her, not the music. Lauren ducked under her brother’s arm and skipped over to Katie, taking the young girl’s hand and leading her towards the marquee.

Peter shook his head and laughed, forgotten, as the two girls ran towards the marquee, hand in hand, heads together and giggling. His sister had always been a wild, mercurial little beast. He wondered about this new girl: delicate, pretty and terribly shy. He didn’t quite see the fit but, with a casual shrug, he turned his attention elsewhere, the vision of Katie in her tight dress, never far from his mind.

Katie hurried after Lauren, her owner’s contagious enthusiasm making her giggle as they dodged between the tables. Each place setting had a tiny card with a name printed in an elaborate, golden  script. Lauren was clearly scanning for their places but Katie found it hard to take her eyes from her lover.

Lauren moved with such a sensual grace, the sight leaving the teenager entranced. The soft lighting made her hair shine like honey in the sun and the plain white skirt flowed around her tanned legs like liquid. The smitten schoolgirl could not help but think of what lay beneath that skirt: the small blue panties and the tight pink treasure they protected.

Katie smiled, knowing that Lauren could be wearing a hundred layers of clothing and she would still be unable to stop thinking about her owner’s pussy. She knew she was obsessed but there was nothing she could do. Never in her wildest dreams would she have ever imagined she would feel such a way about anything, but especially not a girl, and now she couldn’t imagine anything else.

“Here, Kitty,” Lauren said, clicking her fingers by her side.

Katie hurried to her owner, the gentle flush of heat pinking her cheeks. The marquee was filling up with the party guests all attempting to find their own seats, though none with as much excitement as Lauren and herself. A number of people had seen Lauren’s call and though she had never seen any of them before, Katie could not help but wonder what they thought.  

“We’re sitting at the kiddy table, but we can’t do anything about that,” Lauren said. Katie knew how she was feeling, often being relegated to the table for children at her own family gatherings. At least she had a cousin or two around her age. “Me and you,” Lauren said, indicating their places at the table.

Katie looked and saw where she would be sitting. Lauren’s name looked so pretty in the swirling calligraphy but it was the name on her place-card that made her heart stop. The small white card had one word: Kitty.

Katie hadn’t realised, until that moment, how deeply she identified with the name Lauren had bestowed upon her. Ever since she had become Lauren’s property, she had been Kitty. She responded to the name and had used it herself on more than one occasion, but it was not until she saw it written on the place-card that she knew how truly right it felt.

She was Kitty. She was a possession, owned by the most beautiful girl in the world. Katie Thomas was another girl: a lazy girl, a thoughtless girl, a girl without purpose or direction. That girl didn’t exist anymore, not since the day she had been called into the school library and become a slave. She hadn’t known it then, but she knew that was the moment her life had truly changed.

“Yes, Miss,” Katie replied a little distractedly.
“Where did you go?”
“Sorry Miss, I… I was just thinking about being owned,” the young girl whispered, leaning closer to her lover, careful not to be overheard.
“You’re a funny little thing, pussywhistle, but it’s not the time for daydreaming. You have a duty. When we are dining in a formal setting, you are to make sure I am seated comfortably. Do you know how to do that?” Lauren asked sweetly.
“Yes, Miss,” Katie said, stepping to Lauren’s place and pulling her chair from under the table. Lauren stepped around her slave and sat daintily upon the wooden chair, allowing Katie to push it in just a little.

Katie did as she was told, taking her place next to her owner and looking curiously over the slowly-filling marquee. The soft music that had called them to the meal continued to play and it could just be heard above the growing hum of the myriad conversations.

“How’s that puss, Kitty?”
“Um wet, Miss,” Katie whispered, aware of the crowd around her. None of the adults were too close, and the children that would share the table were nowhere to be seen, but still she worried about such things being heard.
“Don’t mess that dress.”

Katie knew what Lauren was saying. She looked around quickly before raising her bottom from the seat and sliding her skirt behind her. The smooth wood of the seat was cool on her bare flesh and, as she settled into her correct position, knees appropriately apart, she could feel the moist lips of her pussy pressing against the hard surface.

The young girl’s rosy cheeks deepened in colour as she thought about what was happening beneath her dress. Was she leaving a mark behind on the seat? Was she that wet? She knew her pussy was moist, when wasn’t it though, especially around her owner, but was she wet enough to leave a creamy trail on the chair?

The remaining guests took their seats slowly, the noisy gaggle of children finally being herded towards their tables. Jonas took his seat opposite Katie and smiled at her, his eyes roving across her body. Katie’s blush intensified at the uninhibited scrutiny but she sheepishly returned his smile.

“Water, Kitty.”

Katie stood up to collect the jug of water from the centre of the table. Small beads of perspiration rolled down the side of the smooth, glass jug as she lifted it from the wooden coaster upon which it sat. The obedient schoolgirl stood beside her owner and filled her small waterglass.

“See who else would like some water.”
“Um, would anyone else like some water?” Katie asked meekly, aware of the attention that was now focused upon her. As if they were in school, every hand at the table shot into the air and she could not suppress a tiny smile at the comical sight.

Katie proceeded around the table, filling each glass as she went. She glanced at her owner, her spirits soaring when she received a tiny nod of approval. The young girl ignored the buzzing crowd around her, dutifully filling each glass, the tingling in her belly filling her thoughts with submission. She was serving her owner by serving others and all she could ever ask for was to be allowed to serve Lauren.

Jonas took a drink from his glass the moment it was filled and Katie paused to refill it before moving on. A full circuit of the table completed, Katie sat down in her place, careful to fan her dress out to allow her bare bottom to rest upon the chair. She enjoyed the sensation but wished it away at the same time. If she had been allowed a g-string she could have had the best of both worlds but such things were no longer up to her.

She was unable to control her arousal and her pussy would continue to produce her cream. She had no way to stop the thick, white discharge from flowing down the delicate folds of her vagina to eventually ooze between her lips. Even the tiniest of panties would absorb what she produced but there was no point in thinking this way. Lauren had decided her pussy was to be unhindered and that was that.

A hush fell over the crowd as the music stopped, replaced by a hard tinkling of metal upon glass. Katie looked to the front of the marquee. A tall grey-haired man had stood upon a small stage and looked out over the seated crowd. He started to speak, thanking everyone for coming, but Katie heard little after the initial welcome.

Lauren had jumped her chair a few inches to the left, closing the gap between owner and slave. Katie’s legs opened obediently as her lover’s hand slid across her thigh. She felt her dress slide up her leg, uncovering the milky-white flesh beneath. Her lower lip found its way between her teeth as her owner’s adept fingers found the top of her cleft.

Katie bit down to prevent the moan she knew was coming. Lauren’s fingers slid across her clitoris, describing small slow circles, tantalising her with the gentlest of pressure. Katie looked around glassy-eyed at the gathered guests. No one was watching her, no one knew she was being pleasured beneath the table, her pussy spasming with lust.

Her face was blazing with the heat of her desire and the moment they saw her, they couldn’t fail to notice what a slut she was. Her arousal would be clear for all to see, as if it was written across her face. Katie looked away from the distracted faces of the crowd, focusing all her attention upon the small card that held her name.

This was one place-card she would be sure to keep, if she was allowed. She would have to ask Lauren if that was ok. Each time she looked at her name, done in such beautiful calligraphy, she felt that same surge of ownership that had almost overwhelmed her the first time.

“Miss, I…please,” Katie hissed quietly, her pleading for her owner’s ears only.
“Of course not, Kitty, not here. Don’t be so rude.”
“Miss, I didn’t mean, I just,” Katie stammered huskily, fighting not only the rising ecstasy between her thighs but the compulsion she felt, to scream of her need. Lauren had misunderstood, she hadn’t wanted to come, she wanted the opposite.
“Hush, you know very well how I feel about you babbling.”

Katie quietened as best she could, her hands gripping the edge of the table in a knuckle-whitening grip. She tried to focus on the words of the speech but her owner’s experienced fingers would allow her no respite. She wouldn’t come, it wasn’t that she couldn’t, for Lauren knew her body so well, she was just adamant that she would not be so grossly disobedient.

The very thought of coming, in the midst of a crowd, at a birthday celebration, filled her with dread. She knew what happened when she came. She would not stay silent and she doubted she would even be able to stay seated. All Katie could hold on to was the knowledge, the hope, that Lauren would not allow it to happen.

Preoccupied as she was, Katie completely missed the introductory speech. Lauren’s fingers were whisked away the moment it ended, leaving the young girl panting and wet. She looked up from her place setting, lip still firmly caught by her teeth in her frantic attempt to remain composed. Her pussy was on fire and it was all she could do not to grind her plump lips against the hard surface of her chair.

Lauren was wicked, there was no other word for it, teasing her like that, bringing her so close. She belonged to Lauren, and she was there for her to play with as she saw fit but that didn’t make it any easier to be the object of that use. She looked over at her owner but Lauren was watching something on the far side of the room, her slave forgotten now her playtime was over.

Katie took the opportunity to look over the crowd, especially those tables closest to hers. She knew no one of course, but she needed to see the potential witnesses to her use. Lauren was not done with her, not by a long shot.

She was incredibly wet, the viscous cream coating every inch of her pussy. She knew that by now it would have made its way to the entrance of her vagina and would soon be oozing out to cover her soft pink lips, if it had not already begun. There was nothing she could do, not about the sticky juice that leaked from her nor about the smell, the heady scent of sex that wafted from beneath her dress. She couldn’t really smell it just yet, but she had caught a hint of the subtle aroma as Lauren had played with her clit.

“The only benefit of sitting here, we’re the first tables to go,” Lauren said, a sweet smile of satisfaction upon her face. Katie looked quizzically at her owner, not quite understanding. “To the smorgasbord Kitty, the buffet,” Lauren explained pointing to the front of the room.

Katie followed her owner’s finger and saw the food arrayed along two long tables. How had she not noticed them before? She wasn’t normally this unobservant, then again she was being distracted in such a delicious way. Still, she needed to be paying more attention, to everything, not just what was happening between her thighs.

“You’re going to be a good girl when our turn comes aren’t you, Kitty?”
“Yes Miss, always.”
“Um, sorry I don’t…”
“Kitty!” Lauren scolded, turning sideways on her chair to look at her girl. “You need to help me from my chair of course. Remember your manners, you shouldn’t have to be told everything.”
“Sorry Miss,” Katie said plaintively, accepting the correction.

Lauren was right, as usual, she needed to start thinking. Lauren made so many of her decisions for her, controlling parts of her life that she had always taken for granted, but that didn’t mean she could just sit back and simply coast through life. That was the way she had been before, before she had become Lauren’s property.

“And that’s us,” Lauren said as a waiter approached their table.

Katie was up and out of her chair in a flash. She stood dutifully behind her owner and gently eased her chair backwards as Lauren made to stand. She looked back at her own chair and saw a tiny glint of light from the centre of her seat.

Katie’s eyes darted around her, heart racing as she tried to discover if the mark she had left had been noticed. She would have to do something about it before they went to get their meals. She wouldn’t have left behind the tiny smear of cream if she could have sat normally but that was not what her owner wanted.

She had been given her position, the reason for such a posture clear and logical. She knew why Lauren had chosen this for her but there were times where she wished she could sit with her legs closed, or even crossed. She was being silly though. It wasn’t too bad, though leaving behind a slimy trail like a snail wasn’t something she was particularly enamoured with. The copious amount of cream her arousal produced was not the problem, she wouldn’t change that for all the world, it was just that she would need to be a little more vigilant. She was a slut now, and a slave, and both carried responsibilities.


Katie hurriedly pushed her chair beneath the table before she followed her owner, taking a few hurrying steps to catch her up. They weaved between the tables, making their way to the front of the marquee. Everyone was dressed so beautifully and she took the time once again to enjoy the sensuous feel of the dress Lauren had gifted her.

Her bosom bounced as she walked, the soft mounds tugging gently at the material of her dress. The material clung to her skin as if charged with static electricity and she knew the effect this would have. Katie smiled as her lover looked behind her. Lauren hadn’t needed to check up on her, the young girl thought. She was following her owner devotedly, only a few steps behind.

She was far enough back to see all of her lover’s body, losing herself in the sight of her owner’s sensual grace. Lauren knew the effect she had upon her slave, the movement of her body the fuel that made her pussy burn almost painfully. She was incredibly wet, the full length of her cleft coated with the viscous discharge that so pleased her owner.

“Kitty? What is going on in that pretty little mind of yours?” Lauren asked once they had reached the long tables laid with food.
“Noth- Oh um, I was thinking about, um how pretty you look, Miss and I,” Katie hesitated, leaning in close to Lauren and finishing her confession in a husky whisper, “was thinking about how wet my pussy is.”

Katie’s pulse raced at her lover’s gorgeous smile. She had almost been terribly naughty and said she had been thinking of nothing. She didn’t know why, it was just habit, one that she needed to break. Honesty was expected of her at all times and even something as innocuous as that would be cause for punishment. She would deserve it too, Lauren deserved only the truth and nothing less. Her honesty had been rewarded with the gift of her lover’s smile, something she would cross oceans to see.

“Two plates, Kitty. Hold them steady. Not like that, palm flat beneath the centre of each plate. There’s my good girl. A little higher, good, now hold them steady.”

Katie focused on keeping the plates level, trying her best to ignore the children jostling around her. The obedient schoolgirl watched as her owner surveyed the feast laid out on the long table. There was so much to choose from but she would eat what her owner chose for her.

It was quickly evident to the young girl, just which plate was to be hers. The plate balancing on her right hand was soon filled with food: roast lamb, potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, corn and a large slice of delicious pork crackling, the dark brown sliver shining in the flickering light. The plate was piled with food and she smiled at her lover’s appetite.

Her plate look very different. Lauren had placed her food upon the smooth white circle with careful precision. Two small carrots were joined by two slender stalks of asparagus and a single cube of roast pumpkin sat in the centre of the plate. Twelve peas rolled chaotically between a small white dumpling, its crumbly top a delicate golden brown, and a single slice of ham. It was a spartan arrangement and she looked with envious eyes at the heaped plate that belonged to her owner.

With a snap of her fingers, Lauren led the way back to their table. The return journey took Katie a little longer and she soon fell a few steps behind. She couldn’t move any faster, not if she wanted the two meals to remain intact. Her steps were careful, her eyes roving constantly.

Lauren was waiting for her when she arrived. The anxious teenager hurriedly set the plates upon the table and dutifully slid Lauren’s chair toward the table, seating her owner with perfect timing. Katie moved behind her own chair but waited for permission before she made a move to join her owner at the table.

The submissive teen blushed when the order came but she sat without delay, ensuring she did not sit upon the smooth material of her dress. She was glad they had been placed at the kid’s table but she still couldn’t help but worry what they thought of the way she acted. No one could know of the thrill that fluttered in her belly each time she received a command. The delicious sensation was almost as good as coming, almost.

Katie smiled wickedly at the thought. God, she was a slut now. Well that wasn’t really fair, it wasn’t as if Lauren had made her one. She had always been one, after all only a slut would have done what she had done that lazy afternoon so many months ago, the afternoon of wicked fun that had been the reason she had found herself in the kind of predicament that had led Lauren to her. She quickly turned her thoughts away, focusing on the plate of food before her.

Lauren had already started eating, almost all the crispy roast potatoes had already disappeared. Katie was still waiting for permission to start, but it wasn’t like it mattered anyway. She would be finished her meagre meal in no time at all.

Katie scolded herself for the petulant thought. She knew better than that. It was more fitting to an ungrateful little bitch and she wasn’t that person anymore. She knew better now. What she received was what she deserved and she should be grateful, not lamenting what she had been given, even if it was only jokingly.

“One carrot, Kitty,” Lauren said as she popped a thick slice of juicy roast lamb into her mouth, a tiny droplet of the rich gravy lingering upon her delicate pink lips.

Katie obeyed, taking up her knife and fork and daintily cutting the small carrot in two. It was amazingly sweet and she savoured the tiny morsel. The second bite disappeared in as many seconds. The hungry teen set her cutlery upon the table to await permission for her next piece of food.

Her face flushed with humiliation as she saw Jonas watching her. She knew it was demeaning, to eat only when given permission, but the buzzing deep in her belly helped her forget such feelings. It had only been the scrutiny of Lauren’s cousin that allowed the unwanted feeling to intrude.

“Asparagus, then pumpkin, then half the dumpling.”

Katie smiled at the gentle touch upon her thigh. That single caress eased the worry she felt at her submission being witnessed. She still kept her eyes down, eating her meal carefully, cutting her food into small manageable bites before chewing daintily. She took her time, not wanting to finish too quickly. She would only be forced to sit and watch everyone else finish their meal. She knew Jonas was watching her, no doubt he was not the only one.

“Carrot, asparagus, 5 peas and half the ham.”
“Lauren, how come you’re saying those things to Kitty?”
“It’s just something Kitty does, Chloe. Isn’t that right?” Lauren said turning to the anxious teen.
“Yes Miss,” Katie said meekly.
“And how come she calls you that?”

Katie willed the young girl to silence. She couldn’t blame Chloe, but she wished she would stop asking such questions. There was nothing she could do but suffer the humiliation but she wondered what Lauren was thinking. She brought a small piece of asparagus to her mouth and snuck a glance at her owner.

“Kitty calls me that because she’s a good girl with manners,” Lauren explained, their whole table listening intently. A good girl, she had been called a good girl. A small thrill ran through Katie at the praise but it was not enough to stop the feverish heat that radiated from her face. “It’s something she likes to do, isn’t it Kitty?”
“Yes Miss.”
“She’s a little shy, so many new people and all.”
“Are you enjoying the meal, Kitty? One a time for those peas, you don’t want to look greedy now.”
“Yes Miss, it’s delicious,” Katie said, allowing the heaped peas to fall from her fork. She stabbed them one at a time, aware of the scrutiny of those around her. She knew Lauren was just teasing her, playing a game which she had no choice but to join.

Katie continued with her own little game, trying not to think about the tables of potential spectators mere feet away. Part of her wanted to finish her meal as quickly as possible, eager to have the ordeal over before someone noticed what she was doing. The very fact that her plate contained hardly any food, when there was so much to choose from, would draw attention, but eating peas one at a time was sure to attract notice.

She felt like a little girl as she chased the fifth and final pea around the plate. She managed to trap it next to the remaining dumpling half. Got ya, Katie said silently, smiling softly as she lifted the slippery little sucker to her mouth. She looked sheepishly at her owner, a little worried by the feeling of triumph she felt at catching the errant vegetable.

Lauren’s eyebrow was raised, but the sly half-smile that parted her lips made Katie’s chest ache. She was sure her owner knew what she had been thinking. There were times when she was certain that Lauren was psychic, but she wasn’t. It was just that she knew her so well.

The peas all successfully hunted and devoured, the young girl cut the thick slice of ham into small strips. This was her favourite part of the meal so far. The meat itself was delicious but it was the crackly outer coating, that was so amazingly sweet, that was the true highlight.

She could taste the honey but it was somehow deeper and richer in flavour. She could have sat here all night and eaten slice after slice, but all too soon she had cut to the centre of her allotted piece. Katie looked plaintively at her owner, silently begging to be allowed to continue. They hadn’t had any lunch, being too… busy, and the mouth-watering ham was almost too great a temptation.

“Are you on a diet, Kitty?”
“Not in the way you think, Chloe. It’s important to eat healthy and in the right amounts. It’s as important as a good exercise program. Kitty’s got a great program and she’s doing really well.”
“Oh, ok,” the young girl said, clearly having lost interest in the answer long before Lauren had finished.

Katie was grateful to her owner for answering the question. No doubt she would have said the wrong thing if she had been allowed to answer it for herself. She just felt so out of place here. She knew part of the uncertainty she felt was because of the position Lauren had put her in, but she just felt so much more comfortable when she was alone with her owner.

“You may finish your dumpling and those last few peas, Kitty, but after that I think we’re done. You don’t want to finish off that ham do you?”
“Yes Miss, I really do. It was the most yummiest of everything,” Katie pleaded.
“Most yummiest? Seriously, you should know better than that.”
“Sorry,” Katie said red-faced at being corrected in front of children, “I mean it was the yummiest of everything.”
“Well then?” Lauren said, beckoning Katie closer.
“May I please finish the ham, please Miss?” she whispered into her owner’s ear. She could feel the comforting warmth from her lover’s body and had to fight the urge to lean in just a little closer and press her lips against the delicate curve of Lauren’s ear.

Katie smiled as Lauren patted her thigh. She had been given permission to finish her meal but what made her even happier was that Lauren had allowed her to say it quietly, to keep at least this between the two of them. She knew she was just a plaything for Lauren but it was sometimes a little hard to take when they were in a public setting.

She had been a good girl though, Lauren hadn’t just been saying that. She had been obedient, doing just as her owner wanted. Katie looked around the table as she savoured the last few slices of ham, glad to see she was no longer the sole focus of attention. She quickly looked back at her plate when she noticed that she hadn’t been completely ignored.

Jonas looked away guiltily the moment their eyes met. Katie blushed but smiled all the same. She was glad the boys in her school weren’t so interested in her as Jonas seemed to be. She didn’t know how she could deal with being the centre of attention so often.

“Kitty, see about getting something else to drink.”
“Yes, Miss,” the young girl replied dutifully. She quickly got up from her chair, smoothing out her dress as she did so, eager to see to her owner’s needs.
“And, Kitty?” Lauren beckoned with a crooked finger. “After dinner, I'm going to fuck you.”

Katie straightened up in a daze. Her owner's words had caught her by surprise, the promise they held stirring the desire deep inside her, but it was more than the words themselves. The passion the young girl heard in her lover's voice made her pussy blaze with an almost unnatural heat.

Lauren wanted her, and not just to use as a means to an end. She wanted to fuck her. Katie thought of the words once more, the repetition sending a thrill into her chest. Her breasts tingled, the small pink tips hardening as her owner's words sunk in.

"Kitty!" Lauren scolded, pinching the dazed schoolgirl's bottom through the flimsy dress.

Katie jumped to obey, pretty cheeks soon matching the heat that pulsed between her thighs. Everyone had seen the spur she had needed, of that she was sure. She could only hope that it was dismissed as just two friends playing around, and not a disobedient slave requiring an extra incentive to comply with her owner's wishes.

No one would be thinking that, Katie told herself, well no one but her owner and her. She hadn't meant to be disobedient, it was just that she hadn't known quite how to react to the unexpected promise. She had been sent on her way, the sting of the pinch as much on her mind as her owner's plan for the coming hours.

She tried to focus on her task, but the words turning over and over in her mind. She thought of the dildo that she had worn that afternoon and wondered if Lauren would be the one to wear it tonight, if she would be the one to feel the thick black shaft stretching her pussy. Katie caught the eye of a waiter and glanced down at her chest, following his downward glance.

Her nipples stood prominently from her chest, two tiny peaks pulling tightly upon her dress. She should not have been surprised by the sight but she had not noticed the tender buds harden and that was unusual. She had lost herself in thoughts of the night ahead. She knew that a bra would not have made the dress look as pretty but she wished for one now despite her conviction.

"Excuse me Sir, but could we please have some drinks at the far table," Katie asked as politely as she could.
"What would you like?" he answered, careful to keep his eyes upon the pretty girl's face. It wouldn't do to get caught leering at the guests, but what a body. She couldn't be more than nineteen and she sure knew what she was doing.
"Oh, um," Katie replied, trapping the side of her lip between her teeth. "I'm not sure. Um, could I come back and let you know."
"Ah, no need to worry about that. I'll take the order. After you, miss."

Katie turned quickly, a strange twinge in her belly at being addressed in such a way. She hurried back to her table, aware of the waiter shadowing her. She was unaware, however, that her every move was followed intently by someone other than her owner.

Despite his earlier vow, the waiter could not take his eyes from Katie's pert behind, the soft mounds of her buttocks bouncing delightfully with each step. He could feel himself harden and was glad of the decision to wear briefs that afternoon. This black-haired little beauty would bear watching and he was keen to take note of the table and ensure they were very well serviced.

"Um, Miss, I didn't know what to ask for so..." Katie said meekly, indicating the waiter behind her. She knew she sounded feeble but there was not a lot she could really have done.
"So what would y'all like to drink?"
"A jug of diet coke and a jug of lemonade, thanks. Sit, Kitty."

Katie did as she was told, seating her bare bottom once more upon the smooth wooden seat. She looked at Lauren afraid she would see disapproval at not completing the task herself but Lauren had a sly grin upon her face that the young girl couldn't quite read. Anytime her owner was smiling Katie was happy but every now and then she could see something else in her owner's smile. It was as if Lauren knew things that Katie never could, secret knowledge that she desperately wished to share.

"He seemed nice, Kitty."
"Yes, Miss, it was good of him to come over."
"That's his job, coconuts."
"Oh, yeah," Katie said weakly, cringing at how dumb she was being. She glanced at Lauren, caught off guard by the expectant look upon her lover's face. Lauren needed something more from her. " I, uh, couldn't think what everyone would like, sorry."
"That's alright, Kitty," Lauren said patting the anxious girl's thigh. "It looks like everyone's been served. You've been a good girl so you may have seconds. You may have one potato, one piece of pumpkin, fourteen peas and... You like the ham didn't you?"
"Yes Miss, it was scrumptious," Katie said happily.
"Well," Lauren said, drawing out the single word for what seemed like an eternity. “You've been good but have you been that good?"
"Um," the young girl said hesitantly.

She had been good, Lauren had said so and the ham was the sweetest of meats she had ever tasted but she didn't want her owner thinking she was trying to get something she didn't deserve. She was still hungry and her mouth watered at the thought of the honey-glazed ham, but what Lauren thought of her was much more important.

"What does everyone think? Has Kitty been good tonight?" Lauren ventured, saving Katie from anxious moments of indecision.
"Yes," the table chorused joyously, the children smiling and laughing, oblivious to what was really happening.
"It's unanimous then. You may have a slice of ham, and grab six of those juicy red grapes too. Off you go."

Katie collected her empty plate and stood daintily, straightening her dress as she rose. Her lack of panties, and her owner's insistence that her dress remain unspoilt, kept her on her toes, always aware of the wetness beneath her dress and the potential for discovery. Her cheeks mottled a tender pink as her thoughts turned from the bottomless well of desire between her thighs to the fact that so many had been a party to her humiliation. She knew they hadn’t really understood what was transpiring but she could not completely bury the paranoia that had become her nemesis.

The anxious teen walked quickly to the front of the marquee, not wanting the attention she knew her solo journey would attract. She gathered her food quickly, a flush of heat accompanying the familiar tingle in her belly as she carefully counted out the allotted number of peas onto her plate.

Katie smiled as she selected a slice of ham with the small silver tongs. There were small slices which she could have chosen but her lips twisted cheekily as she lifted a substantial piece onto her plate. The brown skin was crackly and thick and she couldn't wait to get back to the table.

The eager schoolgirl spied the grapes at the far end of the table and hurried to choose the six Lauren had allowed. Her second helping complete, she returned to the table. She looked demurely at the gathered guests but most were too busy with their own meals or conversations for her presence to intrude. Lauren granted her permission to sit but her bottom had barely touched the seat when her owner had use of her once more.

"Were there any of those chicken skewers left?"
"I think so," Katie said, trying to remember. She hadn't taken much notice of the food she had not been allowed to have.
"I'll have one," Lauren said, handing over her plate.

Katie stood once more, burying her frustration deep inside. She had been about to sigh but had caught herself just in time. She knew Lauren had deliberately let her sit down before sending her on another errand. She also knew that getting annoyed was not acceptable. She was here to obey. Lauren was testing her and Katie smiled knowing she had passed.

The pretty schoolgirl questioned that assumption. Had she really passed? She had been annoyed at being made to get up when she thought she could relax, just a little but she had still felt it. Wasn't that really a failure? She may have buried it to avoid displeasing her owner, and to avoid punishment she added, but just having such thoughts was wrong.

There was nothing she could do about it now. She would collect the food for her owner, return it to the table and hope she made Lauren happy. She just needed to do her best and not let past misgivings affect the rest of the night. She could be better, she would be better, she just had to remember she was here for Lauren.

When she sat down, for what she hoped was the final time, Katie looked questioningly at her owner before making a move to finish her meal. She had to wait a few seconds for Lauren to look her way but the tiny nod she received made her heart soar.

She devoured her food hungrily, once again leaving the delicious ham until last, except for the grapes, which she thought of more as a dessert. She had refused to raise her eyes from her plate, the act of chasing individual peas around causing her face to throb with a humiliating heat.

Katie could barely remember a time since leaving their room above the barn, that her cheeks hadn't caused her concern. Everyone had to know why she blushed so profusely. How could they not know? Maybe they would all think she was feverish or something. She knew she was being silly but she just couldn't shake the feeling that she hadn't gone as unnoticed as she might have liked.

"Kitty," Lauren said invitingly. Katie leaned across to her lover, her left hand falling to her side to ensure her dress did not ride up and expose the milky flesh that belonged to her owner. "I want each one of those grapes in your puss and then back on the plate. Push the last one in nice and deep, it will be staying there. Once you've done all six you can eat them, nice and slow, like a nice little slut. Put on a show for me, pussywhistle."

Katie could feel the heat rising from her chest as Lauren's plan was made clear. She looked meekly around the table, not entirely sure she could do this. She had been given an order, choice wasn't really something that meant anything to her anymore. She looked down at her plate, the six grapes grouped to one side. Each small oval was about the size of her thumb, the smooth, burgundy skin shining in the soft light.

The apprehensive teenager looked back at her owner, hoping forlornly that this was just another game. Lauren was watching her appraisingly, her pretty blue eyes sparkling wickedly. Katie knew that it wasn't a game or a test or a joke. She would very soon be tasting her own pussy, at a table in front of a whole crowd of people.

She knew she had to start, delaying the inevitable would only make Lauren unhappy. The last thing she wanted to see now, when her lover was so happy, was a frown upon that beautiful face. Katie took a deep breath, chest tightening nervously, and plucked the first small grape from her plate.

The anxious schoolgirl looked around as innocently as she could, desperate to ensure her actions were not seen. She closed her hand around the tiny fruit, its surface smooth and cool in her hot palm. No one was looking her way and she made her move, slowly sliding her hand beneath the table.

Her face felt as if it was on fire and she knew she must look terribly sunburnt. She was really going to do this, she was going to put something in her pussy right here with everyone watching. She wasn't sure exactly how she was going to manage it though. The long white tablecloth was a godsend, hiding most of her from view, but how was she actually going to get anything inside her?

Her hands now in her lap, Katie slid the grape onto her fingertips and pushed her hand further under the table. She needed to make sure she sat up straight, and tried to look as natural as she could from the waist up. She mustn't give anyone a reason to think anything strange was happening.

With a second, slow, deep breath, the young girl spread her legs a little wider and slid her dress out of the way. Before she could chicken out and make her owner extremely angry, Katie quickly slipped the grape past her plump lips and into her pussy. She leant back to rest against the chair, lifting her crotch a little.

She had felt the hot, thick cream coating her labia the moment her fingers had made contact with her tender mound. She had confirmed what she had known all along, but the amount of sticky cream that had oozed from her cleft surprised even her. Her pussylips were covered in her sexual discharge and she could just imagine what she would look like.

She couldn't sit here daydreaming, she had five more of these to go and she had to finish while everyone else was still preoccupied with their own meal. Katie plunged her fingers back into her pussy the tips of her fingers sliding easily inside. She pushed at the same time, forcing the small grape onto her fingers.

Katie gripped the slippery oval gently, afraid it would escape her grasp. The last thing she wanted was to have to crawl beneath the table to retrieve it, a humiliation she could do without. Her face would surely melt away if she was forced into such a demeaning predicament.

Her heart was hammering in her chest as she grabbed her chance and quickly placed the grape back onto her plate. Her mouth opened in despair when she saw the smears of white goo in stark contrast to the dark wine-coloured skin of the grape. It wasn't just the grape, that would sit on her plate for all to see, small dollops of her cream had clung to her fingertips and she hurriedly grabbed the next grape, frantic to hide the evidence of her desire.

The second grape slipped in and out of her sex as easily as the first, the terrified young girl aware that at any moment she could be caught in the depravity into which she had been forced. Katie quickly deposited the second grape next to the first, the white slime slowly forming a small pool upon her plate.

Her pussy ached at the brief touch as each grape gathered a little more of her cream. The fourth grape soon sat amidst its fellows, and Katie knew she did not have much longer in which to succeed. She could tell that the surface of her chair held a substantial film of her pussyjuice, more smeared across the smooth surface each time she pulled a slippery fruit from her sex.

She looked at Lauren for the hundredth time, her heart fluttering at her owner's intense stare. She knew her lover had not taken her eyes from the spectacle she was providing. The young girl trembled beneath her owner's penetrating gaze, feeling like a tiny rabbit being stalked by a tiger. She hadn't forgotten Lauren's promise of what the night had yet to hold, the thought having never truly left her. Each time her fingers pushed past her sticky lips she could think of nothing but the thick dildo back in their room.

Her thoughts quickly returned to the present as her eyes darted around the table to see if it was safe to deposit yet another grape back onto her plate. She looked at them now, the dark ruby-red skins resting in a small pool of sticky whiteness. She was sure that no one at the table, other than her owner, would know what it was but what if she was asked. What could she say? She was adamant that would not happen and hurriedly reached for the penultimate grape.

In her haste she misjudged its position and sent the smooth oval skittering around her plate. Her fingers were as slippery as her sex, coated in cream from their repeated dippings. She could almost taste herself and knew that it would not be long before it was more than her imagination.

Something she knew was not all in her mind was the smell of her pussy. the heady scent of her arousal was sharp and clear, even amidst the myriad aromas that wafted around the marquee. She had seen Lauren wrinkle her nose and smile and she had known then that the strength of her scent was more than the fanciful daydream of a slut.

Slippery little sucker, Katie thought, finally trapping the fifth grape between her tacky fingers. She had, on more than one occasion, had to fight the urge to wipe her fingers on the tablecloth. She knew it was wrong but it was her owner's continued scrutiny that kept her from being naughty. The cream-smeared grapes was one thing, but seeing small strings of white ooze spread between her fingers was more than she could handle.

In and out, the practised motion smooth and swift. This last was different. She popped the fifth grape next to the others and quickly snuck the sixth from her plate. Everyone else at her table had long become bored waiting for the adults to finish, their attention turning away from the table, all but one.

Lauren's predatory gaze never left her property, savouring the sight of the young girl struggling with her task. She had done so well, sneaking each grape when no one was looking. She could tell the moment of penetration, each and every time. She knew Katie thought she had masked her activities perfectly, but the gentle stiffening of her shoulders and the slight fluttering of her eyelids gave the aroused teen away.

Katie nibbled her lip as she hid the final grape beneath the table. This wasn't going to be as easy as the others. The young girl's lips slid from her teeth as she smiled at such a silly thought. None of the others had been easy. She'd been super careful and she knew it had taken much longer, but she was certain it had been worth it. The thought of having someone know what she was doing made her pulse race, she would just die if anyone really did see.

Katie paused for a moment, the grape pressed against her moist vulva, poised to enter her pussy. She looked at Lauren hoping, for the final time, that she could somehow avoid doing this. Her owner was smiling sweetly and Katie knew she would receive no reprieve. With uncertainty filling her fluttering belly, the obedient schoolgirl manoeuvred the grape onto the tips of her fingers and slid them inside.

Her pussy was tight, the ridged walls of her vagina closing about her fingers, but she slid the grape deep without resistance. She knew her cream coated the length of her sex and she worried at the state of her fingers once they emerged. She pushed the grape as far as she could, her hand bumping against her sensitive lips.

It was done, she now had a grape deep inside her and no way of retrieving it. Katie didn't think getting it out would be a problem, with how wet she was, keeping the slippery oval from sliding out on its own would be her main concern.

Katie relaxed, sitting straight in her chair once more, no longer needing to access her pussy. She was far from finished though, she still had to eat the grapes that had been dipped in her sex. Lauren wouldn't allow her to cram them all into her mouth at once, that would be greedy.

Katie reached daintily for the first grape, picking it up carefully between thumb and forefinger. Her cream was drying making the grapes more sticky than slippery, but to drop one now would invite disaster. The journey from plate to mouth was over in a second and the taste of her own pussy flooded her mouth.

The grape burst as her teeth closed upon it, the sweet flavour mixing with the salty musk that she knew so well. The young girl felt a pulse of sensation flow through her entire body, her toes tingling as the taste of her arousal affected her. The moment she swallowed the first grape, the second was popped into her mouth.

Such a slut, Katie thought, wondering what other girls thought of their own taste. Had Miranda tasted her own pussy? Had she liked it? Did other girls even do that or was it just lesbians? She just knew so little about sex, having learned almost everything from her owner and the homework she had set.

Katie thought about the women in the movies Lauren had given her to watch. They looked like they loved the taste too, almost as if they had been starving for a week and the only thing that could satisfy their hunger was the taste of pussy. It was how she felt with Lauren but she hadn't even thought about it until recently.

It was all so new, but it was exciting. She shivered as she pushed the fifth grape into her mouth, the delicious mix of flavour feeling as if it was spreading throughout her body. She had barely completed her task when Lauren gave her another.

"Did you like those grapes, Kitty?"
"Yes, Miss, they were yummy," Katie replied, a sly smile twitching at her lips.
"They looked delicious. In fact, I'd like a small bunch to try seeing that you didn't offer me any of yours."
"Oh sorry," Katie said sincerely, "really I didn't-"
"It's ok, off you go."

Katie was about to rise quickly, eager to compensate for any possible transgression, before she remembered what was lodged in her pussy. She slowed her rise and got to her feet gingerly, hurriedly pushing the chair under the table to hide the mess that she had made. It was smaller than she had thought, a tiny trail of white, almost invisible against the seat. She had imagined a huge pool of sticky white slime, smeared across the entire surface. Her imagination really was a dangerous thing. The situation was humiliating enough, without needing to make it worse.

The nervous teen walked carefully to the front of the marquee, trying to walk as normally as she could. It was just hard to shake the image of the grape slipping from her to fall to the floor. She could almost see it bouncing along the plastic surface, leaving behind a trail of sticky pussycream for all to see. Keeping her legs together and walking like she needed to pee would only draw even more attention, something she was desperate to avoid.

She could just feel the small object inside her but she couldn't tell how deep it was or if it was making its way on a river of cream to the entrance to her pussy. When she reached the table she tensed the muscles of her sex. She didn't know if that would do anything to keep the grape inside her but it couldn’t hurt, could it?

Katie chose a small bunch of grapes for her owner and hurried back to her table, eager to be seated once more. She stopped in mid-stride, her face paling as she saw what was happening at her table. Lauren's bother was in her seat and he and Lauren were talking closely, laughing at some private joke.

They were laughing at her. Lauren had told him she had a grape in her pussy even now, walking amidst the other guests, her pussy soaking wet like a bitch in heat. She took one more hesitant step then stopped again. Her chair! Peter was sitting in her chair. Had he sat in... had he seen what she had done?

Lauren had seen her now, smiling broadly but raising a quizzical eyebrow at the same time. The anxious teen was spurred into movement, scurrying back to her owner, knowing there was nothing she could do about any of it. All she could do was obey and accept and trust her owner.

"Thank you, Kitty," Lauren said sweetly, taking the grapes from her slave.
"Little Miss Mess returns."

Katie leaned upon the back of Lauren's chair, suddenly feeling a little dizzy. All the blood had rushed from her head as her world crashed around her. Peter did know and if he did, who else?

"How she didn't get any on her dress I don't know," Lauren said, reaching down to gently brush Katie's leg.
"Now that would have been a shame, it is really beautiful and, if I may say without being inerrupted this time," Peter said with a pointed look at his sister, "it looks beautiful on you. You wear it exceptionally well, very few women could."
"Um, thanks," Katie replied nervously, suddenly worried about the correct way to address Lauren's brother. She couldn't call him 'Sir'. She felt she should but it would just sound wrong, he was a young man after all.
"I've snuck you each a glass of wine, I know how naughty of me. Just the one though, so you'll have to make sure not to spill this one."

Katie almost fell over at the relief that flooded through her. Lauren had protected her, concocting a story about her spilling her drink. She wanted more than anything to wrap her arms about her lover and smother her with kisses. Not being able to express her love whenever she wanted was the only downfall to the secrecy in which they had to conduct their relationship. Her owner had saved her from incredible embarrassment and she loved her more than ever for it.

"I'll leave you girls to it then," Peter said smiling.
"Thank you very much for the wine, Peter," Katie ventured, her emotions loosening her tongue.
"My pleasure, just remember, only the one. There'll be hell to pay if I see you girls with another one."

This last was directed squarely at Lauren and she simply looked at her brother, all sweetness and light as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Katie would do whatever her owner wanted, but she hoped that Lauren would listen to her brother. They could get in real trouble even for just drinking the one glass.

Peter left with a quick backwards glance, pointing menacingly at his sister. Katie knew it was done jokingly and she smiled at the beautiful bond Lauren had with her brother. She should expect nothing less from her lover, she was an amazing person and everyone loved her. Katie was still plagued with doubts over just why Lauren wanted to be with her.


Katie obeyed, glancing at the seat of her chair as she did so. Someone must have wiped the evidence of her arousal from the smooth surface and was thankful once more that Lauren kept the real source of the moisture a secret.

The main course of the meal was drawing to a close and people were starting to lean back comfortably enjoying their full bellies and friendly conversation. Katie was still a little hungry but she had seen the dessert being prepared and was sure that would satisfy her completely.

"You were right, Kitty, those were delicious, but it would be nice to have just one more."

Katie tensed, knowing exactly what Lauren was talking about. They were almost alone at the table, the kids having grown bored and meandered off to annoy their parents. Jonas was the only one left at the table and he was looking disinterestedly out into the night.

The young girl looked at her owner sitting expectantly to her right. She knew what she had to do but it was hard to make a start. She didn't even know where to begin. Could she just squeeze it out? Katie put her hands on the seat beside her and lifted her bottom from the chair, spreading her knees a little wider at the same time. She would have to be careful that if this worked, the grape didn't go sliding onto the floor.

She squeezed, doing her best to force the grape from her pussy. She tried again and again, the muscles of her sex pulsing with the repeated attempts. She couldn't feel anything move inside her. Her eyes widened in fear as it dawned upon her that there might be nothing to get. The grape had slipped out as she walked around and she hadn't noticed. A cream soaked grape was resting on the floor somewhere at someone's feet. Had anyone seen it drop from beneath her dress?

The desperation to refute this imagined scenario forced her fingers beneath the table and into her pussy. Her lips parted easily, welcoming any intrusion such was the desire that had been growing all night. She had been teetering on the edge of climax before they had even joined the party, time and circumstance had changed little.

Two fingers delved as deep as they could go, encountering nothing. Please no, Katie begged, wanting more than anything to discover the slippery grape still within her puss. It wasn't just the humiliating thought that someone had seen the little red oval spill from beneath her dress, it was the thought of her owner's displeasure that was making her feel almost ill.

Her fingers squirmed frantically against the fleshy walls of her pussy. It had to be there, it just had to be... there. She felt something, her fingers brushing against something other than the soft ridges of her vagina. She pushed her fingers deeper and squeezed at the same time.

Katie smiled, her fingers curling around the elusive oval and shepherding it down her slick vagina. The aroused schoolgirl was breathing heavily when the grape popped past her labia. She quickly gathered it in her palm and presented it to her owner, her hand glistening with her juice.

"On second thoughts, maybe Jonas would like to try the grapes." Katie looked across the table, mortified at the suggestion. Jonas turned towards them at the sound of his name.
"You want a grape, they're really juicy, aren't they Kitty?"
"Yes," Katie whispered, her reply almost lost in the noise of the marquee. She wanted to close her palm but the moment had passed. The dark red skin of the grape was covered in a slimy spiderweb of rich white cream and there was nothing she could do.
"Nah, I'm waiting for dessert and anyway it looks like you dropped it or something."
"You didn't drop it did you, Kitty?"
"No, Miss," Katie said meekly, staring at her upturned palm. If she looked anywhere else she knew she wouldn't be able to handle it. She'd have to run to hide her shame, she didn't even know how she was still sitting here.
"Well it's all covered in stuff."
"Well then, it looks like it's all yours, Kitty. Down the hatch. Was that the yummiest of them all?"

Katie nodded, her cheeks a deep scarlet. She was still chewing the small grape, the flavour of her sex infusing her tastebuds, filling her mouth so she could taste nothing else. Jonas had lost interest, turning back to the front of the marquee, watching intently for the first sign of dessert.

"Don't waste any, pussywhistle. Clean it all up."

Katie looked plaintively at her owner, knowing even as she did so that it was a futile gesture. Knowing there was no escape, the young girl brought her wet hand to her mouth and quickly licked it clean. Her eyes darted frantically around the marquee, but the act seemed to have gone unnoticed.

Her fingers were still a little sticky but she was content that she had followed Lauren's command. Katie let her hand sit on top of the table, palm up to help it to dry. Wiping it on the tablecloth would be really rude so it was something she would just have to put up with for a little while.

"Have you had wine before, Kitty?"
"No, Miss," Katie replied eyeing the tall-stemmed glass on the table before her.
"Try a little sip. No, Kitty, with your other hand, we don't want you getting any goo on the nice glass."

Katie did as she was told. She blushed, glancing briefly to see if Jonas had overheard. He was still busily watching the staff clear the tables at the front of the marquee, intent upon the imminent dessert. She smiled at his single-minded focus and wondered what the final course would bring. She was looking forward to it as well, the allure of the sweet delicacies something she had never been able to fight. Katie wondered what would be on offer and what Lauren would choose for her.

Katie lifted the glass to her mouth, fingers wrapped tightly around the delicate stem. She smelled the sweet bouquet of the wine and breathed deeply like she had seen people do in movies. It was a heady scent that made her breath catch. Her heartbeat quickened as she brought the glass to her lips. This would be her first taste of alcohol. Dana had tried to get her to drink vodka once but the smell had put her off. She had been teased for weeks because of it, she being the only girl not to have tried it.

The wine was very different. The light golden liquid swirled around the large glass and the aroma was enticing. She took a tiny sip, letting the rich liquid flow past her lips and into her mouth. Her first taste was small, as she had been told. She swallowed it slowly, savouring the sensation. A strange warmth spread through her body. It started in her chest, spilling in all directions until she felt her entire body fill with the soft glow.

"It's very nice, Miss. I feel all warm."
"I'm glad you like it, Kitty. This is a Pinot Grigio, it's kind of a dessert wine, so it's really sweet. Peter knows it’s my favourite. I don't really like dry whites."
"How do you know so much about wines?"
"Mum and Dad like them and I sneak a little know and then, just a little so they don't notice," Lauren admitted with an impish grin. "Now that your education has begun we'll have to see what else you might like. We'll make a connoisseur out of you yet."

Katie smiled though she had no idea what that was, something she would have to look up. Lauren was making sure her education was more than just learning to be a slave, she was learning so many things, about the world and herself. She would be forever indebted to her lover for taking such care with her.

"And there we go," Lauren said, laughing lightly.

Jonas had almost jumped out of his chair in his hurry to be first to the sweets. Katie looked eagerly after him, her own desire for dessert only slightly less. She sought out her owner but Lauren had leant over the back of her chair and was chatting happily to a man at the next table. As if they had some sixth sense for sweets, the children came flooding back from their hiding spots, choosing their dessert and heading back to the table.

Katie watched them jealously, bowls of ice cream and apple pie brought to the table. They wasted no time on ceremony, the contents of bowl and plate being devoured in seconds. Katie smiled despite her grumbling tummy. She licked her lips and took another sip of her wine as she watched Jonas return with a delicious looking creme brulee. He smiled triumphantly at the older girl before taking his first bite.

"Now that looks delicious. Oh, Kitty that is definitely what I want."

Katie glanced over and saw her owner eyeing Jonas's rapidly disappearing dessert. Katie rose quickly, she did not need to be told twice. She walked quickly through the crowd and gathered Lauren's dessert. She paused a moment to survey the delights the wonderful chefs had placed on offer and spotted a passionfruit topped cheesecake that made her mouth water.

She had been good, Lauren had said so, she just needed to go about this the right way. Katie walked slowly back to her table, her mind consumed by the scheme she was trying to formulate. By the time she reached their table, the best idea she had been able to come up with was to just ask Lauren if she could please have the cheesecake.

It was pretty weak, and could hardly be called a scheme, but it was the best she could do. It wouldn't be naughty to ask that, would it? She knew that it wasn't her place to ask for things but it would be nice for Lauren to know what she liked. It wasn't selfish to just say that, right?

Katie placed the quivering dessert in front of her lover, smiling at Lauren's delight. She waited patiently by her chair for permission to sit but her owner was quickly lost in the sweetness of the oozing pyramid.

The seconds ticked past and Katie's agitation grew. She was standing, exposed but she could do nothing but wait. She didn't dare interrupt Lauren. Her moment to ask for the cheesecake was quickly passing her by. She couldn't say anything, for fear Lauren would think she was trying to remind her owner that she was there. She would not be rude, patience was a virtue. She had been good and she couldn't spoil it now.

Katie's hands fidgeted nervously with the back of her chair. People were starting to glance her way, wondering why she was standing behind her chair. She was sure they had noticed her nervousness and fought to quieten her hands. She couldn’t simply stare at Lauren but every few seconds her eyes darted towards her owner, her desperation growing with each passing moment. How long would Lauren make her stand? How long could she bear the scrutiny, the whispered musings of those around her?

Katie was dying a little inside, desperate to be acknowledged by her owner. Panic was beginning to rise, a tight constriction in her chest, its fiendish grip squeezing her furiously beating heart. She begged Lauren to look for her, silently pleading, with each frantic glance, for her owner to spare a thought for her.

Once began, the torrent of self-induced anguish could not be stopped. Katie felt tears begin to blur her vision and she clenched her jaw, pursing her lips tightly to fight back the emotions that threatened to crush her. She tilted her head back, eyes widening to fight the tears. She knew they were silly, girlish things but she could not stop the growing tidal wave that would soon crash upon her.

Katie looked to Lauren, a final despondent glance. Her owner was staring at her, single eyebrow raised in that adorable, inquisitive arch, small spoon dangling casually from her right hand. The tension fled from the overwrought schoolgirl like shadows from the morning sun. She shivered with her desire to submit, thinking of nothing but falling to the floor before her lover and smothering her sandaled feet with kisses, all thoughts of despair banished by that one moment of recognition.

How could she be so smitten? How could she love this girl so much? How could anyone? Her body was not made to contain these emotions. It was almost too much for her but wouldn’t change her life, not in the smallest detail. She would learn to live with the sweet pain that lanced her heart. She would grow strong, she would serve. She would make Lauren happy.